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Businesses within the travel and hospitality industries are becoming increasingly more interested in using digital concierges to improve their customer services. But what is a digital concierge exactly and who is it directed towards?

A “concierge” is a member of staff who is always available to assist guests with their check-in and out, answer questions, and make recommendations for local points of interest. This is key to making the guests’ stay as comfortable and smooth as possible, as the concierge provides services that are sure to enhance the guest experience during their stay.

Although this term is most associated with hotel front desks, technological advances have allowed all types of accommodation providers to provide concierge services with the introduction of the “digital concierge”.

Keep reading to learn more about what a digital concierge is and the services you can offer as an accommodation provider, particularly with serviced apartments.

A hotel lobby

Overview of Digital Concierge Services

A digital concierge is a smart software programme or application that acts as a virtual assistant for guests and consumers. It offers a variety of services that can be accessed via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

The digital concierge can deliver personalised recommendations and ideas based on particular interests, consistently working to improve guest experience. It can help guests make restaurant reservations, schedule spa treatments, order room service, and can even provide directions to local areas of interests. Essentially, it acts as a one-stop shop that caters to every guest’s needs.

How a Digital Concierge Can Improve The Guest Experience

A digital concierge has different functions according to the guest cycle during the stay. Our infographic below explains more in detail.

A digital concierge can be useful in many stages of the guest experience

As you can see, concierge services can provide a more holistic service to guests throughout their stay. From support with the booking process to offering stay discounts and offers to claim at local businesses, the concierge role is crucial to making the guest feel welcomed and well-looked after.

Automated Support, 24/7

One of the key benefits of a digital concierge is that it can provide 24/7 assistance without the need of a staff member at the other end of the line. Since this is an automated service, guests can use the service at any time of day or night. This is especially useful for international travellers in a different time zone who need more information for their trip. A digital concierge may also manage several requests at the same time, minimising wait times and increasing overall efficiency.

Hotels and other hospitality businesses can record guests’ requests and interactions with the digital concierge. The collected data can then be used to adapt future services and offers to better match their clients’ needs, making digital concierges a huge advantage for the hospitality industry.

The Future of Digital Concierges in the Accommodation Sector

In general, the rise of digital concierges has positively transformed the hospitality sector. This system has improved the overall guest experience and efficiency for hotels and other hospitality operators, offering visitors quick access to a wide range of services and personalised recommendations.

As technology advances, we may see even more inventive digital concierge solutions to assist service providers in meeting the needs of their customers. The future of this technology is both exciting and hopeful, using artificial intelligence to provide even more customized service and even using virtual reality to enhance the customer experiences.

Want to find out more? Book a consultation with our team to learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve your services, create a seamless guest experience and set your business apart from the competition.