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Multiply your Workforce


Easily create, deploy and manage conversational AI Personas
across operations, sales, marketing, and more.

Increased revenue, less admin.

Persona AI

In Partnership with Persona Studios

Persona Studios is a VC backed start-up that specialises in building powerful AI assistants that elevate people above everyday tasks and unlock extraordinary possibilities.


Streamline Your Business with AI Personas


AI Personas can do more than just answer questions… They can speak multiple languages, communicate via speech or text, qualify leads, or even process bookings.


AI Personas learn from guest interactions, previous conversations, and other data sources to know exactly how to help.


Integration capabilities with short let rental systems, including major PMSs, Channel Managers and CRMs.

A smart robot concierge

How AI Personas Work

Initial training phase.

Provide initial training material such as your website link or customer FAQs to prepare your Persona AI to interact with customers. Once connected your Persona will automatically update each time you change your website.


Customise and integrate.

Work with your AI Persona’s tone of voice and personality to tailor it to your brand.


Optimise with re-training feature.

The ultimate co-pilot for your team.  Your AI Persona can be re-trained in real time so it gets better and better over time.



For Guest Services

Unburden your Guest Services team from repetitive tasks so they can focus on delighting your guests:

  • Answer guest FAQs
  • Provide 24/7 support
  • Multi-lingual 20+ languages
  • Voice/Text capabilities
  • Chat everywhere – across Phone, SMS, Facebook, etc.
  • Delight guests

For Reservations

Supercharge Reservations with state of the art AI:

  • Monitor OTA commissions
  • Answer customer FAQs
  • Multi-lingual 20+ languages
  • Qualify leads
  • Omni-channel including WhatsApp, social and Web

For Marketing

Support your Sales & Marketing efforts with cutting edge AI technology:

  • Qualify leads
  • Upsell and cross sell features
  • Proactive messaging capability
  • Encourage repeat bookings
  • Collect marketing data including Personalisation and CSAT

Completely transformed our website and booking engine to help grow our client base and receive more direct bookings.

Jordan HillHilltop Serviced Apartments

A breath of fresh air from a Director of Sales point of view.

Melanie DegandRoomspace

Multiply your Workforce

Easily create, deploy, and support your team with advanced AI assistants!


What is an AI assistant?

AI Personas are smart software powered by Artificial Intelligence that gives personalized, human-like responses using natural language processing.

How much do AI Personas cost?

As we are currently in Beta we do not have a commercial pricing structure set up yet, however early adopters of the technology will be given free access to try the software out and guaranteed the best possible price on launch.

Can I get support after signing up?

Absolutely!  We will work 1:1 with you to customise your AI Persona and answer any questions you have on rolling out and integrating the technology with your existing systems and processes.

Why should I trust W4B?

Established in 2017 we have a long history in the Serviced Apartment sector and understand the sector intimatly across sales, marketing and operations.

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