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Maximise Direct Bookings with
Expert Hotel Web Design

Transform Your Hotel’s Online Presence and Drive More Direct Bookings.


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Struggling with OTA Dependence? Reclaim Control with Our Expert Solutions!

Are you tired of website headaches and an over reliance on OTAs? It can feel like you’re not in control of your own hotel business sometimes.
Every decision feels like navigating a minefield. You want to increase direct bookings and establish your brand, but all the options available online are overwhelming.
Say goodbye to the frustrations of relying on OTAs and struggling to get direct online bookings from your website.
Our tailored digital marketing solutions for hotels put the power back in your hands.

Your Partner in Increasing Direct Bookings and Reducing OTA Costs

Working with W4B has been a breath of fresh air from a Director of Sales point of view.

Melanie DegandRoomspace

W4B are highly experienced in all things related to the internet, websites and the organising of projects.

Bard VosThe Apartment Service

W4B has completely transformed our website and booking engine to help grow our client base and receive more direct bookings for increased revenue.

Jordan HillHilltop Serviced Apartments

Our Work

We are more than a marketing agency; we are your property partner.

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Helping accommodation owners excel with their online presence and digital marketing.