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As the world continues to become more digitized, businesses are looking for ways to improve their customer experience while staying ahead of the competition.

In the accommodation sector, short-let businesses are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT to engage with guests and provide exceptional service. ChatGPT is developed by OpenAI and can assist businesses in communicating with guests by using chatbots to answer questions and concerns.

Below, you can find 6 tips for introducing ChatGPT to your communication strategy, which can help you improve response times and the quality of the information you provide to your guests.

1. Understand your audience:

Before integrating ChatGPT into your business, take the time to understand your audience. Identify the types of questions and concerns guests typically have and tailor your responses accordingly.

If you don’t have a knowledge base set up yet, this may be a great way to compile questions from previous and current guests into an easily accessible platform. ChatGPT can help you answer questions in your knowledge base more efficiently, suggest more topics to include and even design a comprehensive layout.

2. Keep it simple:

Chatbots can be a useful tool, but they shouldn’t replace human interaction entirely. Keep your responses concise and easy to understand, and offer guests the option to speak with a live agent if necessary.

Live chat is a good platform to give your audience the option. Live chats are designed to provide quick answers to queries based on questions already registered in the database, but you will find that some of your clients will have questions that are outside of the database information and need to speak to an agent directly. Offering both options will increase your response time while still keeping your clients happy!

3. Use natural language:

Chatbots should reflect human conversation closely, to bridge the gap between technology and human assistance and maintain a healthy user experience on your site.

Use natural language and avoid using jargon whenever possible, to make it easy for guests to engage with your content, even when it is developed by AI tools. Complex words can be distracting, appear condescending and drive the user out of your site. But while AI tools are able to explain these terms easily to the reader, you may risk lower levels of engagement if users can’t relate to the content.

Try to make your content sound as natural as possible and maintain the same tone of voice as your brand throughout to encourage users to see this as reflective of your brand and prevent them from becoming unengaged.

4. Personalize the experience:

Guests appreciate personalized experiences!

Use guest data to personalize ChatGPT interactions and offer tailored recommendations based on their preferences. AI tools can provide more information about certain topics that your audience (and even staff) may not be so familiar with, such as facts about the area of interest and recommendations for hidden gems to visit during your stay.

This technology can also improve the user experience through automation, triggering certain tasks based on the user’s behaviour on the webpage. This can be used to make their journey reflective of their particular interests and give the sense of a personalised experience.

5. Continuously improve:

ChatGPT is an AI tool, which means it can learn and improve over time. Use guest feedback to improve the ChatGPT experience and make it even more useful for your guests.

AI tools can learn from the guests’ interests, queries and concerns, tailoring their journey to reflect these factors more efficiently. As ChatGPT’s database increases, you and your guests will find a smoother user experience on the website, with answers to common questions from your guests and global queries.

6. Integrate with other systems:

ChatGPT can be integrated with other systems like booking engines, property management systems, and customer relationship management tools. This integration can provide a seamless guest experience and make it easier to manage your short-let business.

Using AI tools like ChatGPT in combination with other systems means that you can learn about your guests more efficiently and develop a comprehensive strategy that will allow you to target guests in the way that attracts them most to your brand.

Want to find out more? Book a consultation with our team to learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools to improve your services, create a seamless guest experience and set your business apart from the competition.