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Digital marketing plays a crucial role in promoting and maximizing the visibility of serviced accommodations, particularly when you’re trying to attract international visitors. To effectively market your serviced apartments and generate more direct bookings, it’s essential to consider the various potential strategies of your marketing approach, and how each of them can help you get more exposure on your property.  

  • Highlight the Location, Not Just the Property:  

While serviced accommodations can sometimes lack the more luxurious amenities commonly found in hotels, these apartments are ultimately more value for money, with separate living areas and a fully-equipped kitchen to take advantage of during your stay.  

As well as promoting the benefits of the apartments themselves, highlighting the unique advantages of the location can turn a hesitating reader into a potential customer. Serviced apartments are usually located in central areas of key towns and cities, so readers may already be aware of the benefits here. However, if your property is in a quieter, more residential area with strong transport links, this can also be a selling point for guests looking to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while enjoying easy transport to areas of interest. 

Make sure to showcase nearby facilities and attractions in your online listings, Google ads, and other digital marketing channels. We would recommend highlighting amenities such as gyms, hospitals, business hubs and local attractions, and tourist landmarks. By marketing the location as well as your property, you can attract guests who value convenience and accessibility.

  •  Choose your target audience 

When it comes to serviced accommodations, it is essential to identify your target audience from an early stage and focus on creating marketing collateral that will be attractive to these individuals specifically. Due to the short-term bookings familiar with serviced apartments, guests are usually one of the following:  

  1. Business travellers 
  2. Tourists
  3. Employees relocating for temporary projects 

By narrowing your marketing scope to specific audiences, you can create content that is relevant to them, greatly increasing your chances of receiving direct bookings for your serviced apartments. What’s more, a more compact audience gives you the opportunity to engage with new and existing guests more easily, offering a personalised service that is likely to encourage repeat bookings in the future! 

  • Use the Right Online Platforms 

Although there isn’t one specific platform for each industry, it is true that some online spaces are better suited for landlords and property managers to reach their target audience more effectively.  

The top 3 platforms for direct targeted marketing are:  

  1. Google Ads 
  2. Meta Business Suite  
  3. LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Don’t underestimate the power of promoting your accommodation via online spaces, as this can open your audience scope to a much wider range than through organic means. With a whopping 77% of online consumers disliking disruptive, non-targeted ads from brands, developing a marketing strategy that clearly identifies your audience’s needs and preferences is essential for success. 

  • Use High Quality Images 

A main contributing factor to serviced apartment listings going unnoticed on OTAs is the quality of images included in the listing. This is likely the first point of reference for potential guests, meaning that the photos you use on your marketing have the power to leave a great impression or a bitter taste.  

High-quality visuals not only build trust and credibility but also drive increased traffic and conversions. With the growing variety of accommodation options available online to scroll through, standing out from the crowd can make all the difference in improving the online booking experience and receiving more direct bookings.    

Invest in professional photography, ensure there are no unnecessary distractions (e.g., bins, jackets or birds!) in the photo, and use high-resolution images that showcase the unique features and aesthetics of your serviced apartments. A low-quality photo can cost you a great quality guest!