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Hotel Web Design Agency

W4B is a leading hotel web design agency, specialising in short-lets, with a focus on creating stunning, user-friendly websites tailored to the unique needs of the hospitality industry.

Over the years, we’ve built websites for many start-ups, and up to 7 figure operators, within the hospitality sector.

Screenshot of Roomspace's homepage on website
Before W4B’s restyling

Too much text, not a nice look, and an old-fashioned font. Much to improve!

A screenshot of the previous version of The ASAP's homepage, with an image of the inside of an apartment, with light coming through a large window. The text "ASAP is the only membership organisation representing professionally and ethically operated serviced accommodations #StatWithConfidence" are shown in a white text box above the image of the apartment, with the text in black, except for the hashtag text in light blue font. A screenshot of the new version of The ASAP's homepage, with an image of a Black man standing in a kitchen while a Black woman is sitting on a chair and typing on a laptop. The man is looking at the laptop screen and holding a mug in his right hand. The title "The Association of Serviced Apartments Providers" is shown in white, big and bold font across the page. Underneath, the text "ASAP is the only membership organisation representing professionally and ethically operated serviced accommodations" are shown in a white text box above the image of the apartment, with the text in white. Under this is, the hashtag "#StatWithConfidence" is shown in light blue font. The ASAP logo appears on the left hand corner of the page in white font, while the menu button appears on the right as a black circle with three white lines across it.
After W4B’s restyling

A cool and simple design, using more visuals and less text to make it look more appealing.


At W4B, we have years of experience in website design for the serviced accommodation industry.

That’s why we prioritise seamless PMS (Property Management System) integrations in our web design process. We recognise the value of streamlining operations for our clients. We handle all technical aspects, ensuring a trouble-free experience.

Icon of a desktop in light blue.

PMSs we recommend

Mobile First

In our website design, we take a mobile-first approach. acknowledging the growing reliance on mobile devices, we ensure that our designs are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly across multiple mobile platforms, providing a seamless experience for our clients’ audiences.

Icon of hand holding an iPhone, in light blue


Our web design is SEO-friendly, created with optimisation in mind from the start. This method ensures that our websites are search engine friendly, which is an important factor in establishing a strong online presence and attracting organic traffic.

Icon of looking glass with an upward arrow coming out of it, in light blue

Case: Hilltop Website

For Hilltop Serviced Apartments, we did a very extensive website makeover. From web design to PMS integration, we started from scratch.

Let's have a look

Hospitality Web Development

Fully responsive.

Whether your guests are finding you through their smartphone, desktop or tablet, your website will always provide your guests with a smooth, easy experience.


Tailored to the hospitality sector.

Remain one step ahead of the competition with a passionate Web Development team bursting with industry specific knowledge and excited to put their skills to work on your hotel website development.


PMS ready.

As a hotel web design agency for the hospitality sector, we’re experts in integrating your website seamlessly with your chosen PMS so that listing updates and direct bookings are synced in real-time across OTAs and other booking channels.


Covering all the bases.

By implementing technical SEO techniques and tricks into your hospitality website during the build, we set the foundation for your website to sky rocket to success as soon as you launch.


Maintenance made easy.

Built on WordPress for full flexibility and content customisation, the power is in your hands to do as much or as little as you like with your brand new website. Never done this before? Don’t worry – you’ll receive a full training session from our team to get you up to speed on how to publish new content on your website with ease.



Analytics & Reporting.

Stay on target with your hotel KPIs – receive new goals and up-to-date reporting on a regular basis, and stay fully in the loop with your website performance.


Frequently asked questions

What is website design?

Web design involves creating websites and pages to showcase a company’s brand and information while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

As a leading hotel web design agency, W4B’s goal is to ensure a smooth experience across all devices, whether it’s desktop, mobile, or tablet. Visual appearance, design, and good content are key.

How long does it take to design my website?

On average, a standard website design project takes around 6 to 12 weeks to finalise, although various factors can influence the timeline. Whether you’re creating a new website or giving your existing one a brand-new look, the overall process remains fairly consistent.

Why is website design so important?

Web design matters because it affects how people see your brand. If your website looks good and is easy to use, visitors are more likely to stay and learn about your business. On the other hand, if it doesn’t look appealing or is hard to navigate, they might leave and check out a competitor instead. Good web design helps keep people interested in what you have to offer.

Is SEO taken into account when designing?

In website design, we actively integrate SEO techniques, such as keyword optimisation, user-friendly layouts, and fast loading times, to enhance search engine visibility. This approach aims to improve the website’s ranking and overall online performance.

What is the typical cost of designing a website?

The cost of designing a website can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the features and functionality required, and the specific needs of the client.

Please bear in mind that it is often possible to make a website tailored to your budget or to do specific parts of the process yourself, such as maintenance.

Learn About Our Process When You Work with Us

From initial consultation to vital after-care, W4B guides you every step of the way! When you choose to work with us, you can expect the following:

Start your short-term rental journey with a chat!

During the initial session, our marketing director will ask about the goals your short-let business, and how the website should reflect your vision. It’s not just about building a website; it’s about creating a digital space that perfectly suits your needs and showcases your properties for success.

We carry out research to tailor the website to your needs

To make sure that our proposal is a customised solution rather than a template, we perform a comprehensive in-depth analysis of your company, your competitors, and your target market. We use these insights to establish a strategy to design a website with the highest standards of features, organisation, and content.

A sitemap, designed with your timeframe in mind

Get a customised website proposal made just for you. This extensive document guarantees transparency and compliance with your expectations, complete with thorough mockups and a carefully planned timeframe.

Our strategic approach consists of laying out the framework of the website, organising the content for a better user experience, giving you a roadmap with defined deadlines, and letting you see the visual goal through comprehensive mockups that provide you a sneak peek at the finished project.

Our team ensures your website is SEO-driven, quick to load, user-friendly, and GDPR-compliant.

We’re a hotel web design agency with expertise in WordPress development and a comprehensive platform that offers flexibility and scalability. We focus on engaging UX/UI design and effective SEO strategies to help you drive direct bookings to your website.

Benefit from seamless data migration for a smooth transition to your new website, and reduce loading times with our speed optimisation process.

Count on us for a smooth website launch!

Our experts handle deployment, set up 301 redirects, optimise caching, and provide continuous support at every step. From development to the live environment, we ensure a smooth transition, offering assistance whenever you need it.

Ready to expand your business? Let us help with post-launch aftercare!

After website launch, get monthly assistance and maintenance for updates, technical upkeep, and design improvements. Additionally, we offer ongoing optimisation through follow-up procedures and SEO tactics.

Use our consulting services to help you strategize and improve your short-term rental business for continued success!

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